Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Monday night over dinner I said to Chris, "We need to get a pumpkin, Halloween is on Wednesday"

"Oh, no we don't" he replied casually, "I've already got that taken care of."

In my head two potential scenarios simultaneously unfolded:

Scenario 1:
Chris had stopped on his way home and picked up a pumpkin already because he knew we needed one.

Scenario 2:
Chris had singlehandedly devised a bizarre plan for festive Halloween decorum that did not involve a pumpkin and knew I would say no way so he just didn't tell me about it.

After considering both scenarios I determined, with out a shadow of a doubt, that I was dealing with scenario #2. "Well if we aren't getting a pumpkin, how will we decorate?" I asked (secretly fearing the response). Chris grinned and cast a sidelong glance at the miniature seedless watermelon we purchased at the supermarket the day before. "No way" I shook my head vigorously, "How are you even going to hollow it out? This will never work."
Chris rolled his eyes dramatically and said "With an ice cream scoop! DUH! This is going to be so super cool."

Faced with the prospect of having to eat half pound melon balls for the remainder of the week I did what any reasonable person would have done, I hid the ice cream scoop. In fact, I can't actually remember where I put it.

Fast forward to Tuesday night after dinner. Chris says "it is time to carve the watermelon" immediately followed by "hey what happened to the ice cream scoop?"

Trying to appear occupied, I began to feverishly unload the dishwasher. "Gosh, it's not in here!"

"That's ok" Chris interrupted, "All you really need to to carve a watermelon Jack-O-Lantern is a good fillet knife." Then he began to carve

After he sliced it in half, he hollowed out the inside with the fillet knife. Next, he carved a face. When he was finished he started to root around furiously in the cabinet. With his head all the way inside the cupboard I heard his muffled voice say "It still needs a little something extra. You know?" Attempting to muffle my laughter, I nodded. "Ah Ha!" he cried as he emerged and opened his hand to reveal one of those tiny umbrella toothpicks for a tropical drink. "Now it will be perfect. This is going to be the best Halloween ever!"

Happy Halloween from Me, Chris & the Jack-O-Pumpkin-Water-Lantern-Melon!


Estee said...

Chris gets an A+ for effort and enthusiasm. I can honestly say that I have never thought about using anything other than a pumpkin. How very closed-minded of me! I am ashamed, very ashamed.

I highly recommend putting the watermelon in a blender with lots of ice, some fresh mint leaves and copious amounts of vodka. This would have helped tremendously while Chris was carving his creation. ;)

I can't wait to hear what your neighbors dressed up as for Halloween!! Have a fun day! :)

Chris said...

The crew at REGIS thinks your "pumpkin" is a hoot! Great job!

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