Thursday, October 25, 2007

Seach Party

I recently discovered that there is a way to review the search keywords that have led people to my blog. Give the topics that I discuss, I figured there would be some pretty funny and/or weird stuff in there. I wasn't disappointed. The highlights include:

  • things that sink that you thought would float (I wonder what this guy dropped into a lake)
  • why doesn't it float in the air (because there is no helium?)
  • the world's best knock knock jokes (no doubt a direct link to my made-up knock knock joke)
  • the funnies knock knock joke ever told (ditto)
  • talking in my sleep and how to deal with this (this dude is most likely in big trouble and/or on the couch)
  • dog ate entire box of doughnuts (honestly, this could happen to anyone)
  • a funny thing happened while I was mowing the grass (maybe he found a 15 foot trampoline or one of my neighbors)
  • why blow on marshmallow to extinguish flame (because, evidently, waving it around is frowned upon)

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