Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Featured neighbor

People say to me all the time your neighborhood sounds insane interesting! Are all your neighbors as weird as the ones next door? The answer is definitively, yes. And then it hit me. This whole town is a freakin' blog goldmine. Seriously! So effective immediately you can look forward to my "featured neighbor blogs" Each entry will describe one of my other many, many, weird neighbors who, until now, have been unknown to you. This will continue until 1) I run out of neighbors or 2) I'm run out of town. Both outcomes are equally likely. One thing is for sure. If he were still alive, Mr. Rogers would be heading for the hills!


Estee said...

Oooooooooooooohh... I can't wait!! You realize that you have to take pictures of the neighbors, right? I am thinking that you can take covert shots of their shoes.

Just don't start making fun of former roommates and we will be fine! Oh... and no more snow!!

Scott said...

I still contend that at least one of your neighbors is likely blogging about you and Chris using a cactus for sword practice in the back yard. The difference is that the stuff you guys do is very cool. Worthy of a Discovery Channel show!