Thursday, November 29, 2007

And there were streaks of fire behind me

On Saturday, I ran my very first ever 5K, not far I realize, but a momentous occasion nonetheless for someone who use to run only if being chased. By a bear. A hungry bear. A hungry, rabid bear. (I have never actually been chased by a bear, hungry, rabid or otherwise.)

It all started back in mid-September when I heard about a running program called the Couch to 5K. It had a fun name so naturally, I decided to try it. Over the next 9 weeks I ran 3 days each week and slowly built up my endurance. I went from running 60 second intervals with walking between to running 30 minutes continuously.

When I completed the 9 weeks I was supposed to be ready to run a 5K or, 3.1 miles. But the farthest I had ever run was 2.7 miles. What if at mile 2.9 one of my legs snapped off and I had to hop to the finish line? There was no way to know with total certainty that this wouldn't happen. So I had to do a test run just to be sure. One week before the race I ran a course I measured out to be 3.1 miles. Miraculously both my legs were intact as I finished. It took me 33 minutes. I knew I was ready.

On race day I had 2 goals:
1. Don't finish last
2. Finish in 33 minutes (or less)

The race was without incident, there were no hungry rabid bears, I didn't trip, and neither one of my legs snapped off. When I crossed the finish line Chris tried to take a picture of me in my moment of glory. This is what he got instead:

Nothing. I ran so fast that I ran out of the frame before the camera could click. But, if you look very carefully, you can see the streaks of fire behind me on the pavement. That is because I ran SO fast that I finished in 30 minutes and 12 seconds which is nearly 3 whole minutes faster than my practice run. I guess there is no accounting for adrenaline.


Rachel said...

Next challenge ~ Run it while Frank chases you....I have a feeling your time will be cut in half~! LOL ~ Way to go BB.

your friendly neighborhood lurker said...

yeah, I guess I'd have to say you were cruising right along. You were going faster then a mile every 10 minutes. Not quite as fast as the bionic man who could run a mile a minute, but hey, your actually human.

9:44 for your mile split is what my math came up with.

Heather said...

Congrats! That is too cool! You should be so proud of yourself! LOL about your DH learning to ski behind a lawn mower. I was dying laughing when I read that!

Estee said...

I am so very impressed!!! I think you could have sped it up a bit if you had worn those Heely things. :) I am going to start the program in January. Why January, you ask? Because I can't let the exercising get in the way of my Christmas cookies. I am also forcing Brad to do it with me because it will be more fun if I can aggravate him along the way. :)

Scott said...

Great job BB. You are an inspriration. You blew away our lifestyle change group at the city. I'm thinking that your next run should be in a traditional Wonder Woman outfit. Complete with golden crown and golden wrist bands to block bullets.....and bear teeth. If you do it, I'll suit up in my Ninja outfit. Perhaps Travis can wear Captain America tights and carry a 50 pound shield as a handicap? Surely that would make a classic "diagonal" photo as we lunge across the finish line!