Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Talking in my sleep

Preface: I am a science nerd. If you already know about my fascination with CSI (Las Vegas) and the various laboratory activities that are featured on the show, feel free to skip ahead. If not, read on. Each night when I arrive home from work, I immediately go into the living room and turn on CSI reruns. I Watch CSI while I cook, while we eat dinner, while I check my email, while I surf the web and while I do house work. I love CSI. I especially love how they use all kinds of wacky lab techniques and scientific methods to catch all those sneaky criminals. My absolute favorite lab instrument is the centrifuge. I mean, what's not to love? It is like a tiny amusement park ride for your samples. Anyway, needless to say, anyone who watches as much CSI as I do is bound to dream about it from time to time and that is where the story begins.

The last morning of the camping trip when I awoke Chris turned to me and said with an inquisitive look on his face, "What were you dreaming about last night?"

I immediately started describing in great detail a dream I had had about being an employee of the Las Vegas crime lab exactly as it is portrayed on CSI. I had interacted with all the characters during the course of my investigation and had spent a great deal of time analyzing data in the lab and using all the "cool equipment". I concluded by stating the obvious fact that "it was a really awesome dream."

"OK, science nerd, it must have been, because in the middle of the night last night you screamed out YEAH at the top of your lungs and woke me up. What part of the dream was that?" Chris then gave me that teacher stare he does so well, you know the one over the rims of his glasses where the eyebrows go way up.

I started laughing. I mean LAUGHING. Chris watched with a mixture of amusement and concern. I finally managed to explain that in my dream, Gill Grissom, the lab supervisor and head honcho, had come into the lab while I was processing data and had asked me a question. I responded yeah, but he couldn't hear me over the whir of the centrifuge combined with his character's mild hearing loss so I had to yell "YEAH" as loudly as I could. Apparently I had not only dreamed that I yelled yeah I *actually* yelled yeah.

Chris's face changed from concerned to relieved, then he started to shake his head and said "Man, you really are a science nerd."


Chris said...

+ side is I am now building a kayak because she said yeah I could...

Heather said...

BB that's too funny! I love Law and Order SVU and dream about that, and scrapbooking. I can only imagine what I yap about when I'm asleep. LOL