Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cookie monster, the father of my child

I would like to preface the posting of this video with the fact that the only person who actually likes to hear me sing is Myles. That said, the look on his face is worth have to sit through my rousing 17 second rendition of C is for Cookie.

Of course cookie monster still does it best and speaking of cookie monster, do you know who does a startlingly accurate cookie monster impression? Chris. His impersonation of cookie monster is so good in fact that the other night when I played the original version of this song, sung by Cookie Monster himself, Myles began frantically craning his neck looking all around for his dad.


Pavette said...

Didn't you buy a coat that looks like the pelt of cookie monster? If so, I would like to request a second take of the video with Chris wearing the coat.
Thank you.

Estee said...

Oh my holy cow that kid is adorable.