Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It is [almost] vest season

There are a few items in my wardrobe that are of particularly great value to me. They include bell bottom jeans, Chaco sandals, anything kelly green, and topping the list, vests. Specifically, fleece vests.

I. Love. Vests. I can't decide what I love more, the fact that they go with nearly everything (they do so!) or, the fact that my arms never get too hot. On my most recent camping trip, I wore a vest every day. Over a tee shirt. It was the greatest week of my life.

My justification for my love affair with vests can be best explained by a turn of phrase I am particularly fond of: "think like an onion". Onions, like most of my outfits, have layers. Its the best way to dress if you don't know what to expect. Too hot? Remove a layer. Too Chilly? Add a layer. Better yet, add a vest so your arms don't get to hot and your middle doesn't get too chilly. Usually if Chris hears me say "think like an onion!" he rolls his eyes dramatically and says "You are going to put on a vest aren't you?" The answer is *always* yes.

I have at least 5 vests (last time I counted). I wait all summer with unrelenting anticipation for it to get cool enough to wear my vests. Inevitably, each year in a fit of zeal I get one or two false starts. It is rather cool when I leave the house for work so I put on a vest. Then as the day goes on, it gets warmer. And warmer. AND WARMER. Left with no other option I remove the vest, just prior to collapsing from heat stroke.

I had one such false start last week. Around lunch time, in the break room, a coworker looked at me inquisitively in my vest and said "You know it is like 80 degrees out right?"

"Yes" I said, standing in front of the freezer fanning the cold air onto myself. "I guess it is only *almost* vest season."


Grace L. Wu said...

add that with the perfect shirt, you're in heaven.

Scott said...


I've got a very stylish vest that I'll loan you for the next couple weeks. It's mesh, orange and has reflective tape. It's the perfect accompaniment for this indian summer time of year. It also goes well with kelly green.

Estee said...

The vests!!!! I remember with much fondness your collection of vests. I have always loved your style because you are, truly, ready for anything. I love the layering concept.

Sadly the only vests that we had around here were of the orange reflective variety that Brad used when he went, gasp, hunting. However, I think that someone broke in and stole them because Brad hasn't been able to find them anywhere. Mysterious. Very mysterious. I don't recall seeing them at all after the yard sale last summer, but I believe that to be merely coincidental.

Enjoy the vests! My personal favorites are the fleece ones. :)

Heather said...

You couldn't live in Louisiana. We don't have a vest season. We have a rain slicker season, and a shrimp boot season, and a wear as little clothes as possible season. And they all suck. LOL